Trader FAQs

How do I apply?

Please complete an online application form on our website. Please include the date and location of the event you are applying for and the links to your social media pages so we can give you an answer as quickly as possible.

If you are applying for more than one event, please ensure you send separate applications for each event.


It says 'STALLS - LIMITED' what does that mean?

 If the event you want to apply for says it is limited it means we have a few stalls left but its limited on what stock type we have space for, so please don't be disappointed if you apply and we cannot accommodate your stall.


 What are our prices and sizes?

Pitch pricing is as follows:

TABLE TOP - 3FT x 6FT -£46.50 + VAT (55.80) – (TABLE NOT INCLUDED)

6FT x 6FT - £63 + VAT (£75.60) - (TABLE NOT INCLUDED)

12FT x 6FT - £100 + VAT (£120) – (TABLE NOT INCLUDED)

 Our Oxford & Walthamstow event has a different price range with table included due to the hire of this being significantly more than the rest!

 TABLE TOP (6ft x 3ft) - £50 + VAT (£60) -  (TABLE INCLUDED)

6FT x 6FT- £67 + VAT (£80.40) - (TABLE INCLUDED)

12FT x 6FT- £100 + VAT (£120) -  (TABLE INCLUDED)


What’s included?

 The pitch fee covers the space of the pitch within our event. (This fee covers venue hire and advertising for the event) 


Table Hire:

Tables are NOT included in your pitch fee. You are welcome to bring your own or we do offer table hire for an additional £6 + VAT (more in some locations due to their higher costs). We hire tables through a 3rd party company so please add table hire to your order at the time of booking.

Tables are included with pitches for Oxford & Walthamstow ONLY


How often are we in cities? 

Usually 3 - 6 times a year. It is dependent on the venues availability and our other events. We ensure that we leave at least a few months before coming back to a city.


 If I am accepted, will I always be accepted?

We process applications separately for each event, which is why you will need to apply for every event individually. We will have new traders at each event and we need to mix up traders to ensure customers have new stalls to browse. We do try to have a variety of stock types at each event and do not saturate in one particular area, which means that although we obviously love your work, we are unable to accept the same traders for each subsequent event. Every event is carefully curated to ensure a perfect mixture of stalls.


I’ve applied how long until I find out?

 Please allow a couple of weeks for us to curate the stalls, you will be notified regardless of whether you are accepted or not. Please keep an eye on your junk mail as sometimes our emails filter into there. If you haven’t received a response within 3 weeks, send us over an email with your details and we will look into it for you! If you are not successful in your application you will be put on our reserves and we will be in touch in case of any cancellations.


I’ve paid, what next?

 You will receive a confirmation from PayPal/Big Cartel as soon as you have paid. You will then receive a formal confirmation from us to say that we have received payment. Trader arrival information will be sent out on the week before the event is due to take place and the floor plan of where you will be based in the event will be sent out on the Thursday or Friday before the event.